Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism

Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism

TV Investigative Journalism..  Scientific Pillars and Practical Applications


By Dr. Hisham Hassan

‘NIRIJ’ Network of Investigative Journalism issued a book entitled ‘Televised Investigative Journalism- Scientific Pillars and Practical Applications’ by Dr. Hisham Hassan, Dean of the Information College of Baghdad University.

The book is the product of a series of conversational workshops organized by NIRIJ Network with the participation of ten Iraqi universities and with the support of the International Media Support Organization ‘IMS, the German Academy of Information,  and the French Embassy in Baghdad.

These workshops aimed first and foremost at upgrading the journalism curricula of universities. Participants included Baghdad University, Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraqi University, Takrit University,  Thi Qar University, Al-Anbar University, Arbil University, Al-Sulaymaniyah University, the Islamic University in Najaf, Degla College, Polytechnic University of Dohuk, and Mosul University. The workshops were held in the two cities of Baghdad and Erbil.

Meanwhile, the book was lauded and accredited by Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education, which regarded it as a subsidiary curriculum to be educated at the information departments of Iraq’s universities.

In the course of his review of the book, Dr. Hisham Al-Tameemy, dean of the Information Faculty said,’ the book written under the title TV Investigative Journalism.  Scientific Pillars and Practical Applications, which had seen light with the support of IMS in collaboration with NIRIJ, was accredited by Iraq’s Higher Education Ministry which approved it as a supplementary curriculum to be educated in the information and media departments of Iraq’s colleges and universities.

It is noteworthy that the publication of this book comes within the framework of the projects carried out by NIRIJ Network of Investigative Journalism, with the objective of upgrading the university curricula through debates and workshops that are being held with the participation of the information professors of Iraq’s universities and colleges. In the meantime, training workshops were and are being organized for the university students to support and enhance their journalistic skills in preparing  profound press reports and deep investigations.

The book comes in the context of the efforts exerted by NIRIJ Network to promote university curricula in the sphere of professional and investigative  journalism  which had commenced  in 2014 with the publication of a book entitled “NIRIJ’s Curriculum of Investigative Journalism, the fourth concise edition” followed by another book named “Legal Councilor for Media Personnel”, in addition to other books achieved by NIRIJ, and are now being looked upon as a valuable training reference and trend  in several media universities and press establishments.