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Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism

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The Training Guide of Iraq’s Network of Investigative Journalism

Saman Noah

The Training Guide of the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism “NIRIJ” is actually accredited as a training manual in several of Iraq’s universities, institutes and press establishments. Hundreds of Iraqi journalists had been depending on its valuable contents in the course of their training between 2014 and 2018. It was also translated into the two dialects of the Kurdish language (Sorani and Palewani) in order to be accredited as a training guidebook in the universities of Kurdistan Province.

The book has been accredited for years as a substantial source of training students in several Iraqi universities, in addition to relying on it as a valuable reference in the debates and workshops organized by NIRIJ Network, with the support of the International Media Support ‘IMS’.

The book has no doubt had a great part to play in enhancing the potentials of Information colleges’ and university’s professors,   enabling them to develop the vocabulary of their academic training curricula.

In point of fact,  this book acts as a students’  guidebook  to the fine art of journalism  which can provide them with a rich academic material in the course of their training on writing investigative press reports in ten Iraqi universities, namely; Baghdad University, Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraqi University, Takrit University,  Thi Qar University, Al-Anbar University, Arbil University, Al-Sulaymaniyah University, the Islamic University in Najaf, Degla College, Polytechnic University of Dohuk, and Mosul University.

The first edition of the book saw light in 2014. Since then, it has become widespread in Iraq and was accredited as a basis of training in several Iraqi press establishments (including Al-Aha’ali Newspaper, German Information Academy, Naya Center for Information Training, and Al-Tassamoheya Establishment). Soon after the first edition got out of print, two other editions got into print, the former of which was in 2015 and the latter in 2017 after introducing some new additions in it about the fundamentals of writing profound investigations and press reports.

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بوابة الاستقصاء الصحفي

Meanwhile, NIRIJ Network is in the process of releasing another book on the fine art of writing stories and journalistic reports and investigations. No doubt, universities, training institutions and other information establishments are actually in dire need of such a work which will be a valuable addition to the library and will help journalists and press trainees to be quite aware of the most advanced fundamentals of writing reports and be better acquainted with the ground rules they badly need to observe in the course of their journalistic career.