Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism

Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism

The conclusion of the first conference of professional journalism


The First Conference of Professional Journalism was held in Baghdad on Friday under the auspices of the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ). It was devoted to discussing the reality of the Iraqi press and its problems and ways to overcome the challenges faced by Iraqi journalists to provide a deep and professional professional press, to provide a profound and effective professional journalism , In a diverse national, religious and cultural society.


The conference, entitled “Professional Journalism, Challenges and Development”, was held with the support of the International Media Support Organization (IMS) for the period 20-21 December, with the participation of its partners in Iraq, which included plenary sessions and dialogues attended by more than 33 prominent journalists, journalists and academics Media workers in Iraq, as well as three training workshops, an award for investigative arts, reports and writing press stories.


More than 100 participants attended the conference, where the speakers presented the challenges of competition, funding, weakness and scarcity of news satellites, union frameworks, political and social conflict, fake and fraud news, social media and electronic armies, the challenges of a complex and dangerous work environment, and legal challenges, Along with the challenges of writing about ingredients and hate speech in a multi-ethnic society.


The conference included an open dialogue session, in the presence of writers and journalists from various components, on the reality of the media and its coverage of the Iraqi components’ issues, and its role in maintaining civil peace, after the ISIS war repercussions, and a discussion session on the reality of media colleges and ways to develop the performance of its students to be a producer of press materials.


With the support of local partners, of the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ) aims to transform the conference into an annual forum for professional journalists in Iraq, expanding its participation to include Arab and international journalists, and becoming an interactive workshop that trains Iraqi journalists who are seeking to acquire the best foundations and skills of journalism.


The conference concluded by announcing the results of its awards:


Investigations category

– First Prize: The Disabled Justice System / Kazim Al Saadoun

– Second prize: With the government condones and the rise of tribal power .. Honor crimes against women registered as ordinary cases of death / Ahmad al-Yasiri

– Third prize: one third of married women in Iraq are minors … Fear, poverty, traditions and gaps in the law raise the rates of early marriage / Imad Al-Shari’

– Award of appreciation: Sex Trafficking.. Baghdad’s Underground Vestibules Ahmad al-Rubaie and Hassan Naciri.




Press story category

– First Prize: The basements of Mosul do not always succeed in being graves / Nawzat Shamdeen

– – Second prize: Press story category from Kirkuk / Ali Aras

– Third prize: Look at the world from a small hole… The Gorilla Child / Manar Al-Zubaidi



Reports category

– First prize: taste of salt does not leave the mouths of Iraqis in Basra / Mohammed al-Zaidi

– Second prize: an insoluble mystery… The fever of explosions hit the weapons stores in Kurdistan / Awara Hameed

– Third prize: delete his publications and feel “shame”… “Facebook” messages break the sectarian divide in Iraq / Ali Abdul-Zahra

The management of the Conference decided to appreciation’s award awards to four press reports for their excellence and competition for winning reports:

Award of appreciation: The hiddens of  Bkhma story .. Dam, which was unable to quench the thirst of Iraq and Kurdistan / Hstyar Qadir and Awara Hameed

– Award of appreciation: Environmental activist cultivating neglected trees from decades / Ammar Al-Saleh

– Award of appreciation: Paying wages: Basra doctors use brokers to attract patients / Waheed Ghanem

– Award of appreciation: suspicions about leaking .. Social media sites precede the examination classrooms in the dissemination of questions / Saman Omar




Investigations and television reports

Although this category has not yet been opened, journalists have submitted 19 films to participate, so the management of the conference has decided to award awards for good works in this category:

Death Truck / Safaa Al – Obeidi

– Dead Stones / Tahseen Zirkani

– Short people / Binar Hoshyar

– The employment steals the dreams of children / Mohammed Jabbar