Sinjar: Women Committed suicide before Captivity. . . Peshmarga Withdrew without Warning the People (1-3)

Reportage: SamanNouh It was the mother land and the last haven for the followers of Yazidi religion, but it is today a deserted land on whose roads the bodies of the murdered ones are scattered, whereas the vehicles of Caliphate pass through those roads, carrying hundreds of its sons, who are sentenced to death, to […]

NIRIJ: Christians After Mousil: Arabs and Kurds Sold us to ISIS and we will End like the Jews of Iraq (1-2)

Reportage by: Mohammad al-Rubai’i; Basim Francis and Muwafack Mohammad Al-Hayat – “Crowding at the checkpoints and borderlines, gathering in the waiting halls and travel company offices, looking for any way to take them out of the country where they have lived since 1800 years. Their Churches closed their gates before the people and their bells […]

Christians after Mousil Events: Middle East is No More a Place to Live in (2-2)

Reportage by: Mohammad al-Rubai’i; Basim Francis and Muwafack Mohammad Since 20 July 2014, the Churches of Mousil stopped tolling their bells for the first time since thousands of years. In the same day, as Santa Mikhail, an Assyrian Christian journalist said, started the biggest campaign to confiscate the properties of Christian people. Few days before […]

Weeks of Yazidi Tragedy – The Road of Salvation is Opened by PKK (2-3)

Weeks of Yazidi Tragedy – The Road of Salvation is Opened by PKK (2-3) Reportage: Saman Nouh Duhok – In the last point that separates the Western side of Sinjar Mountain from the desert controlled by ISIS militants, where Kurdish soldiers stationed, Khajo Ismael, a women of above seventy years, sat down, waiting for a […]

Having None to Protect them from ISIS: Yazidi People Between Immigration or International Protection (3-3)

Reportage: SamanNouh Duhok- In the way to Rumailam, the Syrian area adjacent to Iraq, the 14-year-old Layla stood on a hill, with dust covering most of her features to an extent that it was hard to see that she is a girl, with her short-cut hair. She seemed absent-minded as she looked at the lines […]

For the fourth time … Iraq tops the Arabs in investigative journalism

Announced the general supervisor of the network investigative (Nirij) Mohammed al-Rubaie, winning three of the Iraqi Journalists first prize, and the first divided equally, for the best achievement of investigative in the Arab world, in the sixth annual conference of Investigative Journalism Arabic, which was held in the Jordanian capital, Amman, with the participation of […]

Iraqi journalists win top award for best reports in 2013 at the Arab Investigative Journalism Conference in Amman

11 Dec. 2013 Three Iraqi journalists from the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ) shared the first prize for the best investigative reports in the Arab world at the 6th Annual Conference for Investigative Journalists held in Amman from 6 – 8 December by Falastin Ismail, IMS 350 Arab journalists  and 30 fore

Investigative journalism gains ground in Iraq

05 Jan. 2013     In post-war Iraq, the need for quality investigative journalism is immense. Despite adverse conditions, reporters trained by an IMS-supported network for investigative journalists, continue to make headway By Andreas Reventlow “Of course we risk a lot during our work, but this is just part of our job,” says Mayada Daoud […]

Promoting Iraqi investigative journalism online

26.06.2012 The first of its kind in Iraq, the website of the Network for Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism seeks to promote investigative journalism online and across language barriers Launched in mid-June in English, Arabic and Kurdish, the site contains investigations done by both aspiring and experienced Iraqi investigative journalists, and lets readers follow stories […]

Journalism education in Iraq boosted with investigative specialisation

16.07.2012  As the first ever media education in Iraq, Baghdad University’s four-year journalism education is to expand with specialised training in investigative journalism  Baghdad University Media College, the IMS-supported Network for Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism, and IMS have agreed to jointly develop a new curriculum on investigative journalism. – Media education in Iraq is […]

About the Network of Iraqi Reporters for Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ)

The Network of the Iraqi Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ) is the first network of investigative journalism in Iraq, founded on 9th of May, 2011 by a number of professional investigative journalists and has been working since then on providing financial, editorial and advisory support for the investigative Iraqi journalists to perform detailed investigative reports based on searching for documented facts and supported by variety of sources who are strongly related to the investigating topic. The main mission of NIRIJ, in addition to... more

How to Get NIRIJ Donation

The Network of Iraqi Reporters for an Investigative Journalism (NIRIJ) presents annually several donations to the Iraqi journalists who intend to perform detailed investigative reports directly supervised by NIRIJ. If you are an Iraqi journalist and work for an Iraqi, Arabic or international media organization, or if you are a freelance journalist and aspire to perform a systematic investigative report based on a crucial idea, supported by documented facts and shed light on a negative phenomenon whose disclosure may lead to a... Read more

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