ISIS’s Real Estate Empire: Security, Financial Investment, And Recurring Manipulation of Properties

  Investigation by Nozt Shemdeen and Omran Dhahi   A task seen by so many as impossible and apologetically rejected by dozens of employees had eventually been accepted on one of the scorching August noontime of the year 2010 by a woman in her 40s named Khola Al-Saba’awe. Soon after she made her way to […]

Sectarian Wars… Redraw Iraq’s Demographic Map

Ethnic Differences Triumph over National Unity   By Abbas Abdul Kareem   In a small home on the road extending between Karbala and Najaf,   a Shiite Turkman called Ali Ahmad, is struggling to build himself a new life, where he can seek a permanent job and have a house of his own. He is actually […]

Talafar.. Gateway to Sectarian War Ripping Turkmen Unity Apart

  1200 Kidnapped Citizens Entering World of Unknown Destiny, Half of Whom Women and Children   Ninnoy / Jafar Al Talafarry   Kareem Qassim, a 30-year old Turkmen, who lives in the environs of the city of Karbala, south of Iraq, is now busy preparing the last requirements needed for what he dubbed ‘the salvation […]

ISIS Cadets.. Absence of Post-Liberation Plans Lay Mines for Unknown Future

Investigative Report by Muhammad Awad Early in June, 2015, and inside the children recruitment center in the city of Mosul, some IS fighters blindfolded Mahmoud Ibrahim (15 years) and his companions, and then a medium-sized bus carried them and rushed to an unknown destination. During the journey that took over an hour, they were listening […]

“Caliphate Cadets”: eyes within towns, suicide bombers on battlefronts

“Caliphate Cadets”: eyes within towns, suicide bombers on battlefronts, nucleus of a new generation of extremists recruited by IS   Investigative report by Mohammed Awad A white car raising the banner of the so-called “Islamic State” entered the popular district of ‘Al-Mattahen’, west of Mosul city, and then stopped amidst a narrow thickly-populated lane, where […]

Teenagers Amongst Ranks of Popular Front Fighters – ” I’ll die before you dad.” said a lad fighter while kidding with his father

Lamyaa Ahmad and Saad Alwarddi In the region of Karma, at the northern entry to Basra Governorate, a large sign was fixed at the top of a lamp post by ” Al-Montadhar Brigade”, one of the formations of the Popular Front Forces, fighting against the militants of the Islamic Organization ‘ISIS’, in mourning of their […]

Clans of Nineveh and “Caliphate State”… Intertwining Economical Interests Imposed By Inhabitants’ Needs And Battle Necessities

Adel Kamal and Mohammad Ouad In a small shop in Al-Ba’aj town, west of Nineveh, close to the Syrian borders, Jameel Al-Matuttee carries on his trade activity, which seems to have flourished after the “Islamic State” had taken hold of Mosul and its surrounding towns, when he found himself, thanks to his relations with the […]

Nineveh’s Tribes and Caliphate State… Networks of Mutual Interests and Old Balances, Drawing up Map of Influence, Power and Latent Weaknesses

How ISIS established its state through exploiting tribes’ influence!! Adel Kamal and Mohammad Ouad With their index fingers held upright, Sheikhs of tribes appear on a video, advancing in a queue to the forefront of a hall, to meet with the delegation dispatched by self-proclaimed ‘Caliph’, Abi Bakr Al-Baghdadi. They are heard swearing an oath […]

From the city of coexistence to ‘the Caucasian immigrants’ territory’ and incubator of organization leaders.

Photos and voices from the Turkmen city of Talafar which was occupied by ISIS who settled its ‘indigenous Turks’ in it. Abbas Abdul Kareem / Ninoy In AlKhadhra district south east of Talafar, Abu Omar Al Turkmani, a leader of the Islamic Sate, sits in his new house surrounded by his comrades of arms ‘ […]

A year after Catastrophe… Iraqi Christians between mallet of staying home and anvil of immigration to the unknown

Bassem Francis – Saman Noah Two thousand years after coexistence, worship and psalmodies, Christians have no existence there, churches’ bells no longer sound, whereas hoisted crosses were downed, after the state of “Islamic Caliphate” converted their churches into depots for their ammunitions and military equipment, and scorched each and every thing falling into their hands, […]

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